Reviews for “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” 2019 Frinton Summer Theatre:

“…it was wonderfully, boisterously performed…Will Bridges, Tom Gabriel and William Meredith were equally brilliant and worked perfectly together to take on cacophony of characters” James Dwan, Clacton Gazette

“The three performers work seamlessly together with fast pace and tremendous slapstick. William Meredith is William, loosely the head of this ensemble, and from the opening “announcements” he superbly sets the tone of the evening…They are so finely tuned that not one of them stands out, yet their individual characters shine through…Full credit to the entire team for bringing a production full of joy to the stage, and this is a show for all the family, it really is Shakespeare like you have never seen or heard him before!” Paul T Davies, britishtheatre.com


Guinness World Record holder!!!

23 April, 2014 – It’s official! IAM’s very own William Meredith along with fellow Reduced Shakespeare Company actors Simon Cole and Gary Fannin have set a Guinness World Record for the highest theatrical performance by acting continuously, at 39,000ft, for almost an hour during the 700-mile journey from Gatwick to Verona, Italy in celebration of the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. The production, which took place on board a special edition easyJet plane, complete with a 10ft image of the Bard on the fuselage, was part of a wider campaign to make April 23 National William Shakespeare Day.

Reviews for The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s “The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)” 2014 UK tour:

“…William Meredith is delightful…An intelligently witty piece, it is also a fine example of rapid, effective ensemble work at its best.” Susan Elkin, The Stage

“The hugely-engaging cast of three – Richard Ede, David Ellis and William Meredith – sing, dance and act their way from Genesis to Revelation in an hour-and-a-half….inspired and – strangely – powerfully satirical as well as just plain funny. If they head this way again – catch them.” James George, Portsmouth News

“Despite their sensitive topic choice, the cast of three provided a whirlwind tour of the Bible with dignity and (just about the right amount of) respect. An audience of all ages was inoffensively kept entertained…The cast of three, made up of Richard Ede, David Ellis and William Meredith, knew not only their play but also their play’s inspiration and had an in depth understanding about the controversy that their comments might cause.” Peter Marcus, New Review

Reviews for One Bad Thing: The Murder of John Lennon (The Actors Studio, Liverpool):

“William Meredith achieves the impossible by making Chapman likeable…” Liverpool Echo

“William Meredith, in turns naive and complex as Mark Chapman…” Made Up: On Stage in Liverpool

Reviews for Lone Star & Private Wars (King’s Head Theatre, Islington, London):

“…the excellent William Meredith…” Paul Taylor, The Independent

“…brother Ray, whom William Meredith portrays with cool conviction…” Nicholas de Jongh, London Evening Standard

“…Meredith anchors proceedings with two excellent performances.” David Gibbs, Islington Gazette

“…the acting laurels go to the least well-known of the three men on stage, William Meredith, who really knows how to get the most out of a good line.” Robert Shore, Metro

“He’s clearly the most accomplished actor on the stage and it is his downbeat parts which provide the emotional centres of the play…the Whingers hope to see more of him although Andrew actually got to see quite a lot of him when he dropped his trousers (clarification: Meredith did. Not Andrew. Not on this occasion).” Andrew, West End Whingers

“…William Meredith, whose name is less stellar but whose acting is quietly superior.” Sam Marlowe, Times Online

“…an excellent William Meredith…” Simon Wroe, Camden New Journal

“…best of all is William Meredith’s literal-minded Ray…” Louise’s Theatre Reviews

“…William Meredith is hugely endearing…” Charles Spencer, The Telegraph

“…natural, assured performances of old hands Richie and Meredith…” Katharine Hibbert , Times Online

“And it should be noted that the finest performances of all come from the sole non-name in the company: as Ray and Gately respectively, William Meredith drops McLure’s bathetic punchlines delicately over the net and then pretends modestly that the resultant laughs are nothing to do with him.” Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times

Reviews for The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s “The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)” 2008/2009 UK tour:

“Perhaps not the stuff of Sunday school, but a hilarious night’s entertainment nonetheless.” Paul McGarvey, South Wales Argus

“The whirlwind that is the Reduced Shakespeare Company (RSC) brought an irreverent and hilarious abridged version of the Bible to the Victoria Hall, with The Complete Word Of God. From Genesis to Malachi, the RSC trio – the excitable John Kielty, the ark-obsessed William Meredith and Simon Cole taking the helm – danced, sang and argued through the Old Testament, bringing a different RE lesson to the one you remembered from school.” Lisa Stocks, The Sentinel

“The cast of three, Simon Cole, John Kielty and William Meredith, portrayed a staggering array of biblical characters – of both genders…it was an amusing and entertaining romp through the Old and New Testaments that had the audience belly-laughing throughout.” Steve Burbridge, UK Theatre Network

“Unsurprisingly then, this is a flawless, polished, finely tuned act, delivered by three extremely talented all-round performers. These guys work hard, they are rarely off stage and if they are, they’ll probably be doing a God-like voice over or doing a super-slick costume change in a matter of seconds….It was nice to see the theatre buzz with such a witty, clever, thoroughly entertaining show. A joy to watch, I hope they’ll be back soon.” Marie Kenny, The Public Reviews

“…prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride through the Old and New Testaments and prepare to be entertained, shocked and surprised all in the same evening. The three performers are on stage for, virtually, the whole duration of the show and they each deliver energetic and extremely physical performances. Particular highlights include…William Meredith dressed in a pink and white bunny costume recounting the events of the Resurrection.” Ian Cain, The Public Reviews

“Right from the beginning the three actors Simon Cole, Mat Rippy and William Meredith, deliver a hilarious and almost chronological enactment of the Bible…performed with theatrical precision and with wicked humour punctuated throughout.” Nhung Luong, Multi-Media Journalism Blog (Bournemouth University)

“Three men, a few bad wigs and the odd prop was all it took to romp through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations. Sounds easy? Only if you are as gifted as these three. Americans John Kielty, William Meredith and Simon Cole were sharp, witty, full of energy and fun. Their enjoyment shone through and their imaginative take on everything from Adam and Eve to the Last Supper was just brilliant.” Debbie Neech, Kentish Gazette

And this one is a personal favourite of mine. The critic was attempting to be harsh, but I love this!:
THEATRE REVIEW: Godless at the Grove
“Don’t believe the publicity that the show The Bible – The Complete Word Of God (abridged) takes “an affectionate, irreverent” fluffy tickling stick and pokes it at the so-called Good Book. The show I saw at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre had the iron fist of atheism wrapped up in the velvet glove of slapstick comedy.” Bedford Today

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