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Squadron 42

Around the Verse: Making Mission Giver Miles Eckhart come to life

A look at the many talented people behind the scenes that make Squadron 42 look and sound so great.

I supplied the voice and motion capture for Miles Eckhart, the Mission Giver from Star Citizen’s Squadron 42. He debuted in front of a live audience at Gamescom 2016

More of Miles Eckhart at Gamescom 2017


The Division 2

Comms extracts of me as Outcast Strategist Harlan Lloyd

Still laughing at this video. One of the characters I played in The Division 2 was Quartermaster Coop Dennison. This YouTube gamer: Wheezy’s Gaming got quite frustrated with me while playing the game in the early, buggy beta version. Hilarious!


Battlefield 3

I played Private First Class Christian Matkovic, a US Marine Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician attached to Misfit 1-3.


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